Train Control

As mentioned in the introduction, I am using radio control for this railway. The traditional way of implementing radio control is to have a one-to-one relationship between a transmitter and a receiver. This is fine when you are flying a model plane and need to concentrate on it alone but, having experienced the advantages of DCC control and running two (or more) trains simultaneously from the same handset, I decided to experiment.

I first experimented with a transmitter-receiver pair which broadcast the DCC signal to the locomotives and details are given here. Then I was introduced to the Protocab system by Acc+Ess.

I was chosen as a beta tester for the introductory system and have subsequently equipped two locomotives with the system. There is more than enough room within the bodyshell of the Peak class locomotives I chose when experimenting with my original system and I plan to equip more locomotives in due time. I am very pleased with the system and look forward to the various enhancements that are promised.

Installed in Peak bodyshell

The charging plug


Above: the system installed in the locomotive and (right) the charging plug. The coil of red and black wire is the original wiring from pickups to motor which I have left in place, just in case.

The system running on beta-test in my garden in July 2015.


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