Rolling Stock


Peak D49There are only two locomotives adapted to run on the garden railway and they are both Mainline Peak class diesels. The BR Sulzer Type 4 “Peak” diesel locomotives were the mainstay of passenger services on the Midland main line from their introduction in 1962. They were built by British Railways at their Derby and Crewe Works as three sub-classes between 1959 and 1963 and numbered consecutively. All were structurally identical, differing in their traction generators, steam heating equipment, and other minor details. The first ten were named after British mountains and all three sub-classes became known as “Peaks”. They remained the main source of power on the line up to 1982 when they were relegated to secondary services following introduction of HSTs on the route. They were all withdrawn by 1986.

I chose this model because there is plenty enough room within the bodywork for the batteries and electrickery needed to operate. I bought these two examples on eBay and paid less than I expected. The main problem with the Mainline model is that the buffer beam is attached to the body, not the bogies as on the prototype and as on the current Bachmann model, but this won’t be noticeable in the garden.


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