The Management Training Centre

In 1984, a new principal was appointed with the specific remit to reinvent The Grove. His first task was to introduce the tutorial staff to the world to managemnt learing. We held a series of workshops to learn our craft, how to identify training needs and how to relate learing to the real world. We closed The Grove for about three months in the summer of 1985 whilst we researched the needs of the industry and wrote a range of new short courses specifically to meet those needs. We then produced a brochure to announce those courses and the new beginning they represented. Here are extracts from that very first brochure.

The Grove – an introduction to the new 1985 brochure by the principal, Dr Roger Stuart.

The Courses – an introduction to the new courses.

The Conference – The Grove as a conference centre.

The Consultancy – specialised consultancy services.

The Accommodation – announcing improved facilities.

The Relaxation – more improved facilities.

The Location – a new location map.

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