The Courses

Our programme of courses is geared towards helping BR Managers to more effectively manage the most valuable resources at their disposal, namely people. Participants will find the courses relevant and orientated towards action in the real world of their own jobs.

Study group
A small tutorial group at work

There are two types of courses. The first is two five day courses which are run on an on-going basis. One (CMS) provides training in the core skills of management. The other (MSD) provides for further skills development and is aimed exclusively at the experienced manager.

The second type of course is shorter – usually of 2 or 3 days duration. The objective is to help participants concentrate on specific aspects of their managerial work. As many as twelve different short courses may be available during any one quarter. They offer managers the opportunity of choosing to work on key topic areas in an intensive way, alongside fellow participants with similar interests and concerns.

New classroom interior
A refurbished classroom in 1985

The bulk of the courses run by Centre Staff are located at the MTC. However, staff are available to do a small amount of work on the client’s own premises.

Equally, though most of the Centre’s courses are programmed to run on scheduled dates, our resources are sufficiently flexible to run one-off activities at times which may be more convenient to specific client groups.

The courses currently offered by the MTC are described on separate sheets inserted at the back of this brochure.

Whilst their development has been based on identified needs of managers in the industry, we are keen to respond to specific requests from client groups for courses aimed at meeting different needs.

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