MTC - A New Beginning

The Grove has been the home of British Railways Board’s Management Training activities since the mid 1970’s when MTC (the Management Training Centre) was established under the leadership of Hugh Jenkins. Since then, many managers and aspiring managers have passed through the doors of MTC. A significant number of tutorial, clerical and domestic staff at MTC have also changed in this time including three Principals! But it is not only the people who have changed. Over the years there has been a continuing review and appraisal of objectives, style of presentation and methods of operating. As in BR as a whole, MTC has changed with the times to match the requirements of today.

I joined MTC in 1984. My function is to provide a professional resource for the further development of BR managers, thus enabling them to effectively manage their human resources and so contribute to BR's success as a business organisation.

This brochure describes what my staff and I have done to fulfill our objectives. Whilst seeking to capitalise upon the established strengths of MTC, we have at the same time, sought to evolve its activities in a way that is consistent with and supportive of the changing and pressing demands facing BR managers.

Our Approach to Training

Roger Stuart
Roger Stuart
Principal, 1984-1988

Our Strategy and Tactics

Training strategy is about doing the right things. Training tactics are about doing things right.

In order to ensure that we at MTC do the right things, we put considerable effort into identifying the issues, challenges, problems and concerns of BR managers.

Further, the wide range of courses we run enables managers to choose those activities best suited to their own individual needs.

Short, sharp, training events for small groups of people result in intensive, relevant and personalised learning. Moreover, this approach takes into account the pressing demands upon managers’ time and their need to use that time effectively.

To ensure that we not only do the right things, but that we also do them right, we have invested – and will continue to invest – in the professionalisation of all our activities, including:

In short, we’re getting there as well! As you’ll see when you attend The Grove.

And So

This brochure provides more detail of the range of activities and facilities available at MTC. Whether you are looking for a means of furthering your own managerial effectiveness or you are looking for a way of developing others, I think you will find something of interest and value. If there is anything else you would like us to be doing for you, then please contact us. We want to know about your needs, and if at all possible, we will try and do something to help.


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