The Consultancy

Although the thrust of our work at the MTC is providing open courses for individual managers, we are also able to offer our expertise to the industry in a consultancy capacity.

Examples of what we can offer are:


Training Support

Many managers are actively engaged in trying to meet a variety of training needs that have been identified in their department or organisation.

Decisions about how, when, for whom and by whom can often be difficult to make. We can offer support and assistance in identifying needs, designing events, developing trainer skills as well as advice on methods, instruments and exercises.

Team Development

New personnel and responsibilities, unclear working relationships and low performance may be affecting your team. We can design and run tailor-made team development activities on or off site. These will help in alleviating such immediate problems and lay a sound base for furthering individual and team effectiveness.

Should you need any external resource to meet a training need or solve a problem related to people and performance we can probably help either directly or indirectly. Enquiries about our consultancy service should be addressed in the first instance to Roger Stuart.

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