Midland Road


My garden railway is where I can run some of my older Hornby Dublo stock with its original metal wheels. I have two locomotives converted to battery powered radio control and I have a selection of passenger and goods vehicles.

My layout is set in the mid-60s when the early diesels were being introduced. It reflects my childhood memories which, as we all know, are always rose-tinted. There’s nothing wrong with a good measure of nostalgia and it is what makes railway modelling a personal pastime. I simply wish to recreate fond memories and visions of what might have been . . . or what should have been.

As for the main layout in my loft, my garden railway reflects the Midland Main Line, nominally in Leicestershire. The Midland Railway’s main line was four-track pretty much all the way from London to Trent Junction, but I am building a double track main line.


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