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As well as earning my living within the railway industry, I have an interest in railway modelling. For much of the time, my modelling opportunities were limited but, following my retirement from full time work, I moved to a house with a large garden suitable for outdoor running. Here is a description of progress so far.

The following links to railway sites have caught my eye and I am happy to share them with you. I shall be adding more links from time to time as they occur to me and as I find things of interest. Note: all links to other sites will open in a new window unless you have a pop-up blocker switched on. If you open more than one link, it will open in the same window.


I recently came across this video presentation. It is a time-lapse video showing the replacement of a street tram junction in San Fransisco, or how to spend $1 million in just over 12 minutes. It’s a large video and you need a bandwidth of 2MB or more to watch uninterrupted.

On Saturday, 30th October 2010, the first passenger train on the rebuilt Welsh Highland Railway arrived in Porthmadog. The train was the first to cover the whole 25-mile length of the railway from Caernarfon to Porthmadog. This is a wonderful achievement.

British Rail owned a number of training centres around the country at one time. One of the most influencial was The Grove Management Centre at Watford which operated for many years. This is a reproduction of The Grove Story, a booklet first published in 1984.

For all of you who have travelled on London’s Tube system, or for those interested in railway trivia, here’s a list of fascinating (but fairly useless) facts.

Thomas the Tank Engine brought up to date – but it just isn’t the same!

It was a very bad day at Union Pacific.

When I saw this I could hardly believe my eyes – An Australian Adventure.

Mike’s Railway History pages are about railways as they were around 1935. There are well over 80 pages on various topics covering railways in the UK and elsewhere. Beware of this site, I checked in January 2006 and found some of his pages have pop-ups and my anti-virus software detected a trojan. When I checked again recently, the pop-ups seem to have gone but please ensure your own anti-virus software is up to date before visiting.

Full details of the restored Great Central Railway at Loughborough and of the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales. The Ffestiniog Railway Society also has a site.

For a World of Railway Resources and Technical Data, visit The Railway Centre.

For the ultimate railway interest portal site, see Rob Armstrong’s Rail Industry Pages.

My employer before retirement was Interfleet Technology, an international railway consultancy based in Derby, UK. They are now known as SNC Lavalin.

During the 1980s, British Rail employed a very imaginative advertising agency who produced some wonderful adverts ... “This was the Age of the Train”. These were shown in the mid 1980s and were great fun, many are now available on YouTube.

HST v Class 37 Police!!


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