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Hornby Dublo Electric Trains

Where it all began ...

Duchess of Montrose,
a couple of tinplate blood-and-custard coaches,
and 3-rail track ...

Railways have been in my blood all of my life. Like so many people, I was introduced to railway modelling one Christmas as a youngster and I went on to spend the whole of my working life in the railway industry at 12 inches to the foot. My work took me to several locations in England and Scotland and on around the world for many years, so my modelling opportunities were limited for much of the time, but I usually managed to keep my interests alive on a workbench or study table.

As well as main line railways, I have long held an interest in the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales and have been a member of the society since the 1960s. My volunteering work has included track laying, bridge building, helping to build a small part of a loco shed wall at Boston Lodge, and a couple of weeks one summer as buffet car crew.

I started with Hornby Dublo 3-rail and converted to 2-rail quite soon after it was introduced in 1959. I built several smaller layouts and had started plans for a larger one when my activities were put on hold by work and family commitments.

I had wanted to build a garden railway for a long time so, following retirement from full-time work, I moved to a bungalow with a large garden suitable for outdoor running. I then realised that I had also acquired a large roof-space above my bungalow and my thoughts turned upwards. A loft layout will mean more comfortable running year-round, so I have ended up with two layouts!

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CHARNWOOD My OO gauge loft layout based on the Midland Main Line and set in the 1960s
MIDLAND ROAD My OO gauge garden railway which is radio controlled
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