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The following links have caught my eye and I am happy to share them with you. I shall be adding more links from time to time as they occur to me and as I find things of interest.
New I shall be happy to receive suggestions for interesting links but please note that I will not respond to requests to add links to commercial sites.
Note: all links will open in a new window unless you have a pop-up blocker switched on. If you open more than one link, it will open in the same window.

Pictures of – a unique website exploring the most beautiful towns, villages and countryside of England.

The Association of British Counties exists to maintain, enhance and promote the identities of the traditional Counties of the United Kingdom and their role in the cultural life, geography and history of the nation.

Some years ago, I was handed a copy of a souvenir booklet for the launch of the first concrete ship at Barnstaple, Devon. I reproduce it here.

Cheese Racing is the home of the UK based Professional Cheese Racing organisation. The sport was born in a quiet campsite near Osmington in Dorset in 1997 and has now attracted an international following. You can read all about it on their site.

I have come across two sites that are collections of weird and wonderful signs from around the world. One is Signs of Life and the other was Funny Signs which has now disappeared. Signs of Life is worth a visit from time to time.

Roper’s Knots Page is a collection of pages on how to tie every kind of knot you could want. There are also links to knots and knotting all over the web.

Vikings: The North America Saga. Not a lot of people know this but the Vikings arrived in North America long before Columbus made the journey.

The New Scientist Magazine sponsors The Last Word, a site which answers all those questions you wanted to ask but didn’t know who to ask.

World – World Time Zone Guide and a free download to automatically synchronise your PC’s clock within a couple of seconds.

Long before the advent of “Though for the Day” and “Page a Day” Calendars there was Chamber’s Book of Days. The book was designed to consist of: Matters connected with the Church Calendar, including popular Festivals and Saints Days; Phenomena connected with with Seasonal Changes; Folk law of the United Kingdom; Notable events, biographies and anecdotes; Articles of popular archaeology and Curious pieces. It is all quite fascinating - if you like that sort of thing!

If you are interested in the origins of language then I recommend It is a very comprehensive language portal with more than 1800 dictionaries in more than 230 languages and dozens of links to other language sites. You can subscribe to their “Word of the Day” to be e-mailed to you daily free of charge. You'll get the story behind the story about that word including pronunciation, definition, usage and etymology, and more.

Light Straw is a website dedicated to the history of the UK’s telephone system. Highly recommended.

OFCOM – the UK’s watchdog for the UK telecoms industry.

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