Cutting the Second Side

I started work on the second side knowing what I was going to do. Which is more than I did when I started the cutting into the first side a few months previously!

Here is the right-hand side of the car before being attacked. I have moved it over to create some working room in the barn.
And here it is after taking the air-saw to it! This is the result of my first cut – I didn’t dare to be this bold the first time around.
And again after some more trimming. Note that the vestigal stump of the B-post visible above has now gone. You can also see the stiffener which supports the rear seat.
On the right, a view of the rear wheel arch and the dreaded foam, which is in remarkably good condition! That is what it should look like everywhere but . . . !

I had to strip this away and cut the box section away to provide clearance for the back of the door frame.
And here we are with the frame installed and the doors hung for a final check for correct fit before welding all round.
And finally all welded up the following week.