Rear Seat Stiffeners

For some of the detail trimming work I returned to the donor cars to recover more parts. The floor under the rear seat has the same shape in both the Fastback and the Variant. There is a stiffener planted on the forward fold under the front edge of the seat squab which is different. I had to recover the end returns for the stiffener from the Fastback.

The stiffener across the Variant is straight across and is attached to the sides of the car. The rear doors of the Fastback mean that there is nothing to attach to at the sides here, so the stiffener is turned back towards the wheel arch to support the seat.
The stiffener across the Variant has a joggle just where the centre portion is joggled in the Fastback. VW appear to have had only one pressing for this part which was trimmed as necessary! So I trimmed it back to this joggle ready to accept the piece recovered from the Fastback.
The donor piece is offered into place to check the fit – perfect of course!
The new stiffener sitting on the Variant floor.
And finally welded into place.

The nest of wiring is for the relays located under the rear seat of the Variant and which are located in the engine compartment of the Fastback. I shall need to re-route these around the new stiffener.
But at least I can re-use the old mounting bracket for the relays with only minor adjustments. I shall need to extend four wires, the rest will be long enough.
And here is the right-hand side of the car also completed. No wiring loom to get in the way here!