Stanford Hall 2011

The Leicestershire & Warwickshire VW Owners Club has held their gathering at Stanford Hall on the Sunday of the May Bank Holiday every year since 1976. Stanford Hall has been the home of the Cave family since 1430. The present Hall was built in the 1690s and is one of the most exquisite examples of the architecture of the period.

This year is special because it marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the VW Type 3. This was Volkswagen’s first attempt to diversify from the Beetle although they were not yet ready to move away from the founding principle of an air-cooled rear-mounted engine that had seemed to have served them so well for so long. The VW Type 3 & 4 Club had organised the gathering of 50 Type 3 cars in all body types to celebrate the anniversary.

The Type 3 & 4 Display

The Type 3 & 4 Club display. There are two Type 4s in the corner nearest the camera but a huge variety of Type 3s. I took this picture mid-morning before everyone had arrived.

Butch Type 3

When everyone seems to be seeing how low they can go with their suspension mods, this owner is to be congratulated for daring to be different.

Stanford Hall

As ever, pride of place in front of the Hall is given to those vehicles built before August 1957 (splits and ovals). This year saw two Kübelwagens.

Historic Beetles

The rest of the club’s membership was arrayed around the edge of the lawn facing the Hall.

KEO in good company

KEO in good company – good to have the roof open. The weather this year was warm and sunny but very windy.

Last Edition Beetles

There was a collection of the Last Edition Beetles, all in silver.

What colour suits you?

It’s not just about Beetles. There were more Type 2s than you could imagine in all colours of the rainbox – and a few more besides.

There were many other display groups, including for the Karman Ghia and Cabriolet models, and a few local owners’ clubs.

This page published 2nd May 2011 © J S Rastall

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