Sometimes things go wrong, people don’t get hurt, and we can laugh about them. I have been collecting pictures of “Oopsie Daisy!” events for a while and I offer a selection below. The internet being what it is, you may have seen some before and I have tried to avoid including pictures that have been too widely published. But I couldn’t resist including a few old favourites.

Escaped tram     This is a picture that circulated in my direction in 2007 and shows a tram in The Netherlands that escaped its tracks. It should have turned right but has jumped the rails and headed off down the street. You can see the score marks in the stone sets where the wheel flanges have slid across the surface. It went quite a long way because the brakes don’t work on stone! Note the row of parked cars on the right which it missed completely!

The next picture I took out of an office window in Manchester around 2 pm on Monday 4th June, 2007. Somebody in the council office in Manchester has decided that it would be a good idea to put a row of cast iron bollards around the edge of a paved area in the city centre to stop vehicles parking where they shouldn’t. A couple of guys are sent off in a van with seven new bollards with instructions to plant them around the perimiter of the paved area. So they park up out of everyone’s way, get everything out of the van, dig their holes, plant their bollards and secure them with concrete. Now it’s time to clean up, collect their cones and tape, and go home.

OK ... if the bollards are intended to stop vehicles getting onto the forbidden land, how do our heroes get away?

Oh ... bollards!

    Oh Bollards!
Split switcher    

This one is from North America where they do things on a grand scale. I find it remarkable that one of the switcher’s bogies remains on the track!

Another item from the US, this is a newspaper cutting from about a year ago that has recently resurfaced. This one is painful ... very!

    Off the clock


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