Lavenham Vintage Volkswagen Show 2012

The 1st Lavenham Vintage Volkswagen Show in Suffolk was held in 2008 and was a huge success. It attracted over 100 vehicles from all over Europe. The Lavenham show differs from most UK VW shows in that it features only stock, un-modified pre-1967 Vintage Volkswagens, the majority of which are displayed around the village itself. Surrounded by many timbered buildings, including the famous Guild Hall, Lavenham’s picturesque market square in the centre of the town is the setting for a display of the earliest vehicles. Additional displays were located in the school playground adjacent to the square, at Lavenham Press on Water Street, and in the meadow at the bottom of Water Street, just a short walk from the square.

Since my Beetle is too young to qualify to join the elite in the Market Place, I was located on Lavenham Common, a meadow on the edge of the village. Unfortunately, my camera decided to play up and, as a result, none of my photographs are suitable to publish here. However, I did find this picture on the web of me sitting behind my car and looking rather windswept.

You can read more about the Show and about the village of Lavenham here. As a taster, here is a view of the 500-year old Guildhall which occupies one side of the Market Place.


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