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Cars have been an important part of my life for many years, even before I could legally drive. I passed my test in a Triumph Herald and went on to buy one when I started work. That was DHG 948D and it served me well enough until I saw a red Beetle lurking in the middle of the forecourt of a second hand car dealer in Preston, Lancashire, in December 1971. After a short test-drive, the car was mine in exchange for £220 and we have had many adventures together since. Click on a picture for more about each car.

Presently Owned

KEO 201 After passing my test, I learnt to drive in my father’s 1960 Beetle, caught the bug and always hankered after one of my own. This car was first registered in Barrow-in-Furness on 10th May 1963, she is a 1963 model, factory fitted with a Golde sunroof.
LHB 398L New to the fleet is this 1972 Karmann Ghia Coupe which has a lovely new interior and a dealer-fitted sunroof. Unfortunately it failed its MOT the following year and I discovered that some shortcuts had been taken with the previous restoration. I was able to deal with what had to be done and I’ll be adding more details in due course.
SBW 360N The Type 4 was the largest air-cooled car that Volkswagen built and was commercially unsuccessful. However, it was a superb motor car in many respects. This is the 412LS Variant I bought in 1987 with two extra doors spliced into the sides to create a 5-door Variant. I believe that it is the only one ever built.
Californian 412 The VW412 Variant Automatic I bought in June 2014. It is an import from California and it passed its first UK MoT on 1st August 2014. It took a week to assemble the necessary paperwork and the DVLA issued the registration certificate and first tax disk a week later. I purchased the number plates on 29th August. More news soon ...

Previously Owned

OBT 467M I didn’t really plan to buy this car. It was whilst I was working on my Variant conversion project that I heard about someone who had a 412LE fastback with only 22,800 miles on the clock and wanted it to go to a good home. So I arranged to go and see the car after work one evening and agreed to buy it. I took possession on 4th February 2000.
Vicky in the Boot This is my first VW Type 4, bought in 1982 from Camerons of Scone, an independent VW dealer, whilst working at Perth, Scotland. It was a 4-door LS Fastback and I loved driving it. Unfortunately it succumbed to the liberal quantities of salt used on the roads every winter in Scotland and ended its days languishing in the corner of a field in Kent. However, it did donate the door frames I needed to create my 5-door Variant, which is finished in this colour. My daughter has changed a little too!

I’ve also owned a few other cars which all served their purpose at the time. Their memory is consigned to history!

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