The New Window

The back edge of the door frame (the C-post) doesn’t coincide with the mid-pillar in the side of the Variant. There is a gap of about 125mm which will form a narrow window. This window is not ideal and the suggestion was made to remove the intermediate pillar to create one long fixed side window. But I decided against this option for two main reasons. There was considerable strength built into that pillar which I wanted to retain and it carried the rear seat belt mounting points there. It also meant that I could leave the rear-most side window as original.

Here is the new window opening as naturally formed. You can see the three original corners and the corner needing treatment.
To create this new fillet, I cut a pillar from another scrap Variant which will provide a corner for each side of the car.
I then had to cut out the required corner. This was a tough job as there were three thicknesses of steel all welded together, the middle one of which was extra thick to provide the strength for the seatbelt, and I had to separate them. I eventually ended up with this piece which is now ready to go into the gap.
Clamped ready for welding (left) and after welding up (right).
After the first application of filler to start the long process of getting ready for painting.