Making a Start

Our starting point was a good Variant and a 4-door Fastback with a rotten floor.

These are my two cars, sitting in the corner of the field, rather sad and neglected.
First, we remove the doors.
Then we get brutal! Bryan cuts out the rear door frame – the B-post and C-post complete with the sill and a generous portion of the gutter and roof. This, happily, proved to be very strong and rigid.
The door frame we have just cut out has to go in here! (left)

And (right) we take the door off to check the shape of the front edge. We have also started to strip out the interior.
Here is the car in the barn, even with it moved right over to one side, there is still not a lot of room to work. We have removed all the windows and have stripped out all the interior trim and the roof lining and stiffeners.