Fitting the Seats

The rear seat back and squab are fixed in the Fastback and fold to create a flat load space in the Variant. I expected the back to fit with little trouble (apart from the need to create a new hinge point) but the shape of the squab is different to suit the stiffeners and it is hinged at the front.

I have fitted an old back and squab from another Variant and the difference in shape of the squab is immediately obvious, it needs to sit on the side portion of the stiffeners that can be seen here. I shall need to trim the front corners to match but the overall widths are quite different. This will be a compromise to obtain the required support without fouling the door handles and the sides of the car.
The squab folded forward on the original hinges and held at the correct angle by the two steady wires.
The back has been folded forward and is resting in its intended position, held at the front edge on the lip in the underside of the squab and the rear edge sitting on the corresponding lip at the front edge of the rear loading deck.
There’s still a bit of space for small items of luggage under here! I shall need to deal with the pivot point for the steady arm for the seat back which was attached to the side of the Variant and which is now in fresh air. I shall also need to tidy up the wiring!


The front seats are almost identical, the only difference is the mechanism to tip the seat-back forward to allow access to the back of the Fastback. So no modifications will be necessary.

To be continued . . .