I have decided to repaint the car in the colour of my original Fastback – Marathon Blue Metallic, paint code L96M. But I am painting the hidden parts with light blue Hammerite which is a pretty close match to the Marathon Blue.

Here is the nearside inner wing after painting behind the suspension (now protected by a supermarket plastic bag).
And the view under the car where the petrol tank normally lives. You can only see this after the front suspension has been dropped, and I’ve also stripped out the brake lines and everything else.
Here are the two rear inner wings which are fully described in the section on “General Repairs”.

This is the car freshly painted and sitting inside Jane and Bryan’s (as yet) unfinished workshop.
The view from the rear. Parts of the wiring looms can be seen hanging from the engine bay and from the tailgate hinges.
An overall view which shows off the colour of the paint quite nicely. I have threaded the wires through to the headlights and the opening for the sunshine roof can also be seen.
A view of the interior showing the wiring loom in all its glory.

To be continued . . .