Outer Wings

The Rear Wings

The only decent rear wings I could find were from a 411 – almost identical but not quite. VW never gave up their habit of small improvements year-on-year but there were quite a number of more significant changes from the 411 body shape to the 412.

A 412 rear wing (right) alongside one from a 411 (left). Note the obvious differences in the size of the cutout for the rear light and the recess for the rear bumper.
I shall have to splice the old hole into the new wing and this shows progress so far. The white card is a template of the 411 cutout to guide my cutting of the portion of the 412 wing to be spliced in.
The wing after the patch has been spliced in and tack welded round the perimeter with the Mig. It now needs a final touch with the panel hammer to get the shape right . . .
. . . and a touch of filler along the joints.
The remains of the donor wings . . .
The other side similarly patched. This was a used wing and there is a small hole near the bottom in the usual place. Otherwise this was in pretty good condition. You can see from the 412 wing at the top of this page how bad that corner can get!
I welded a patch into the hole in the bottom corner.
Here is a view of the inside. As you can see, the condition is remarkably good with only this small patch needed.
And after initial filling.
The other side was similarly treated.

About 18 months after I had completed this work and after painting, Jane came across two pairs of unused and nearly perfect 412 rear wings ... such is life!

The Front Wings

I have found a nearly perfect nearside front wing and a good offside wing . . .

This wing has only minor rust damage which I can easily repair. This shows the damage at the rear, there is also a little at the front around the indicator.
I welded up the holes in the outer skin and then started repairing the rusted lower edge of the rear stiffener. Here I am checking the fit of the new piece – a complicated, double-curved shape!
And here it is after completing the welding. I’ve also added a strip along the edge of the stiffener where it bolts to the car body which shows red here.
The outside with a skim coat of filler to make good.

The keen-eyed amongst you will notice a non-standard hole at the top rear corner of the wing. I am moving the aerial hole from the left to the right side of the car to avoid the aerial being damaged by country hedgerows. I did the same trick on my Beetle and I discovered a hidden bonus – the aerial is then hidden from the driver’s eye by the front pillar!