History & Links

I was going to write up the history of the VW Type 4 but then discovered that others had already done that. However, sometime after I had started building this project, I was told that VW had designed a five-door Variant but we didn’t know anything about how far the design had developed or if a prototype had been built. So I mentioned this “rumour” in my introduction to the project and thought no more of it. Then, in March 2008, I received information about the various development projects undertaken by Volkswagen that culminated in the Type 4. You can read about it by clicking on VW EA 240 Project on the topic index.

The following links are worth visiting to follow up on the Type 4. All links will open in a new window (but only one). There are more links from my car index page.

The Complete VW Type 4   Jens Vagelpohl has compiled a superb account of the car and its foibles. It has extensive information on the car’s history and pictures from the original sales brochures. He even has information and circuit diagrams on fixing the Eberspächer heater and fuel injection equipment. This site keeps growing and it has to be the site for the Type 4. Thoroughly recommended!
The VW Type 3 & 4 Club Homepage   This is the official owners’ club in the UK. They have pictures of events and information on the car's history. They will tell you how to decipher the VIN plate codes to date your VW. There are also a few very handy tips on repairs – including a brilliant tip for welding small holes, which I employed successfully on this project.
VW Heritage   An Aladin’s cave of parts based in the UK. Although nothing directly for the Type 4, their bus catalogue is a great help for engine parts as the 412 used the same basic engines and many of the parts will fit directly. I recently bought a new exhaust and tailpipe – the box fitted perfectly but the tailpipe was too long (the bus is wider than the car). The good thing about VW Heritage is that, if there’s a problem, they will always accept parts back (provided you haven’t bent it!).

If you have a suggestion for a new link, let me know and I’ll maybe include it.