Interior Lighting

The interior lighting of the Type 4 is typical for cars of its time. There was a single light positioned on the right hand side behind the driver’s head. This was well positioned for anyone sitting in the rear seat but the poor driver was badly served in either left or right hand drive. This car will be much better equipped.

First up will be to improve the lighting in the front. The control panel for the sunroof I had chosen had an interior light incorporated into the same cluster in the centre which would be ideal for giving light to the driver and front passenger. Here is the panel during an early trial fit. This will be wired to the front door switches.
This is the view of the position in my present car, the panel will fit neatly between the visors behind the interior mirror. The cutouts in the visors are intended to clear the rear-view mirror but I plan to tuck the panel in here so it will look tailor made!
The next improvement will be to place a light on the other side of the car opposite the original so that both rear passengers will have their own light.

I recovered a spare light frame displaced from the Fastback and installed it on the left hand side above the rear door. This will be wired in parallel with the original light to come on when either of the rear doors is opened.

The final improvement is to illuminate the rear load area. Another couple of frames recovered from scrap cars yielded what I needed. This shows the right hand side installed just ahead of the top hinge stiffener, there will be another opposite and both will be wired to a door switch on the tailgate.

After the car has been painted, I am wiring up to the lights. This view is of the off-side with the red wires being the live feed and the grey wire hanging between the two frames and then to the tailgate switch.

To be continued ...