I brought the car home to my new garage in Lincolnshire in June 2011. I hired a flat-bed transporter, the weather was kind and the transit went well.

At Exted Farm on 1st June 2011: the car is lined up with the transporter’s ramps.

I attached the winch wire to the front roll bar and up she goes.

Wheel straps were applied to each wheel and sheeted up ready to go. The sheet was to keep prying eyes out and to stop the stuff inside the car being blown out on the journey.

Unfortunately, the sheet wasn’t up to the strength of the slipstream and was slightly the worse for wear by about half way. I needed several additional stops to tie down the loose ends but I didn’t lose anything along the way.

Safely ensconced in my garage in Lincolnshire. Now I just need to get it on the road!