Fitting the Door Frame

I had previously made a template to fit the front door frame aperture of the 4-door Fastback, which would, I hoped, help to position the B-post correctly in the Variant.

This gave me some guidance whilst trimming the opening to fit the frame.
Eventually, the door frame is slotted into place. This was only a trial fitting, it would not be ready for welding for a while yet as a lot of trimming still needed to be done.
We try hanging a front door – it fits and closes with a traditional VW clunk! The rear door wouldn’t go in yet as the bodywork needed more trimming to fit the back edge of the frame. I had to take this bit slowly as, once cut, it was cut!
Then the great moment arrived when I was ready to install the frame properly. I had discovered by this time that my template – carefully cut from hardboard – was now useless. The damp atmosphere in the barn had caused it to swell by 5mm or more – remember that I had to get the frame positioned to within a millimetre! So I had to resort to taking methodical measurements with a steel rule.

I used the spot welder right around the perimeter of the frame to attach it to the bodywork. Then I tried fitting the doors – the first time that both had been hung together – and was chuffed to find that they fitted perfectly! I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised really, having taken so much trouble with my measurements, but it was very gratifying all the same!