The Doors

The doors from the donor Fastback were rusted out beyond repair so I had to find a set of new doors.

I found a set of three from Jim Bourne but the fourth of the set would have required a deal of work. These are the offside pair.
These are the near side pair, the blue door came from a car at Exted Farm but it too needed a bit of work!

OK, I know, none of them look wonderful but the Type 4 doors are always prone to trouble with rust. In the views above they have been repaired by brazing and welding and look decidely tatty around the edges. They look a bit better stripped off ready for repainting.

This is typical of the rust damage on a door. I suggest this is beyond repair unless it’s the last door in the world!
Here is one of them in progress showing just how many coats of paint it had accumulated – not all in the factory! You can see the brazing repairs along the base of the window opening.
The odd one out, the blue door had started life the same light tropical blue as the finished colour will be, but had been dented. Here I have filled the dents after beating out as much as I could.


I had decided from the outset that the car would be fitted out to high standards. The accessories to be fitted to the doors will include central locking and electric windows. You can read about those by clicking on the Finishing Off topic on the left.