The C-Post

The strength in the middle window pillar is derived from a box-section stiffener which is carried right down to the sill of the car. After trimming away the body side, the box section strengthener is revealed. This had to be cut away to clear the back of the door frame. The air-saw seen here cuts through the metal like a hot knife through butter – when the blade is new!
I removed the box to see light surface rust except at the bottom where there is a small hole. I have also uncovered a hole in the sill. So this would have to be patched.
This is what I found on the left hand side of the car after cutting away the box. There is a large hole in the front of the wheel arch – you can see the tyre through there! There is also a large hole in the sill. I show how I dealt with that under the General Repairs submenu.
The curtailed box section had to be closed with new plating to restore some of the strength. Here the box section has been closed and I have spot-welded a patch in place over the large hole.
And here is a view of the right hand side with the door frame installed and all the welding finished.