The Bonnet

This is the new bonnet lid I have found ... almost perfect!
There is a small amount of rust in one front corner which I shall need to deal with ...
Of course, when I started cleaning it up, the hole went further ... but I inserted a patch and welded it up.
The job complete after welding and grinding down flush.
The bottom edge had gone thin in several places. So after thoroughly soaking it with rust killer, I polished it up with a wire brush.
I made up a series of short packing strips which I cut to fit. I punched a couple of small holes in each and plug welded through to the inner skin as well as catching the outer skin. That way I could ensure that the leading edge would be solid. This view shows the two mole clamps holding one of the packing strips and the mig earth clamp connected to one of the moles. That gave me a good sound connection but the mole did get a little warm after a while!
The full width completed and ground down smooth. It is now ready for painting!