Seat Belt Mountings

Seat belt mountings were included by VW but they needed my attention. The fronts needed alteration and the rears needed improvement.

Look carefully at the picture on the right here. You should be able to see a bolt hole in the two circles I have drawn. There is also a hole near the base of the B-post itself. After I had closed the sill I realised I had forgotten a point of detail which was going to give me a bit of a problem. As the door pillar for the Variant is in a different place from the Fastback, the lower seat belt mounting point is also in a different place. VW thoughtfully provided two holes, one for each position, but only provided a captive nut behind the one appropriate for the car. And I needed another nut on the other hole! Doh!
So I had to cut a window in the sill and decided that the best place was in the top, as you can see here. I simply cut between the two slots provided which you can see in the picture above. The heater duct is visible inside.
I had a reinforcing plate with a nut welded on which I carefully manoeuvred through the window and held with a bolt through the forward hole. The screwdriver is pointing to the redundant hole.
I then plug welded the plate to the side of the sill and then closed and welded the window shut again to restore the top of the sill.
Then I repeated for the other side, taking care not to melt the wiring! A necessary detail and one I should have done earlier. If I do this job again I shall know better next time!
The seat belt mounting for the rear seats needs two anchor points below the point on the pillar. Here you might be able to make out the existing point half way up the pillar (above the three smaller holes) and two new holes either side of the forward square cut-out for the wing bolts. The seat belt kit came with a pair of tapped plates to attach the belt reel and a guide hook.
A close up of the mounting points – the bare steel lip is to hold the locating cage in place within the cavity. The forward hole (to the right) is an existing panel locating hole which I have enlarged and the rear hole (to the left) is an existing hole. There is another panel locating hole just above and to the left of this. Mystified? All will become clear when the belt is installed on completion.
But for those who can’t wait, here it is installed in the back of the old Variant. The ring on the end of the middle piece of belt fits over the hook when the rear seat squab is upright.