Vehicle Alarm

I believe that remote central locking is an essential feature for a modern car and should be combined with a good vehicle alarm and immobiliser system. I spent quite a bit ot time searching the on-line suppliers for a system that I felt met my needs for a reasonable price. I eventually chose the Omega K9 Classic Alarm system from Cool Air, principally because they gave the most comprehensive description of the system on their website. As well as protecting the vehicle with a very loud siren, the system allows remote control of external devices such as central locking and solenoid door and bonnet kits.

Standard features include the usual stuff like code-jumping remotes, a shock sensor, status LED, valet switch, door lock and unlock output, third channel output, remote panic feature, interior light supervision, flashing indicators, and a stand-by battery for system backup. Programmable options include current sensing, anti-carjacking options, door lock and unlock with ignition, last door arming, driver’s door priority, auto re-arm, and a fourth channel output.

As well as connecting to the central locking, I have incorporated modules to automatically close the windows and sunroof when arming. The additional third and fourth channel outputs are linked to the electric releases for the tailgate and front hood. Sorry, but I am not giving away any of the secrets of how this is installed!